Field Notes

  • 25 Years Of Story Telling

      In 2022 The Path turns 25, we're not going to celebrate that though, we were closed down six years ago, re-born, we've barely survived a pand...
  • Kiri

    photo Caleb Giddens - We do like an alternative surf craft, we've been big bodysurfers for years, in fact we've probably ridden ...
  • Agree To Disagree - The Demise of The WSL

    As you know we have one of these columns in every issue, always have done, covering everything from foamies to the olympics to the beauty of growin...
  • JJF From France 2017 in B+W and Infra Red, a pleasing edit on all fronts

  • Time To Blow Away Some Cobwebs

    It has been a summer of change, few waves, and much disruption, so it is time to blow some cobwebs away, with a new issue in a weeks time, and some...
  • The More Things Change

  • Numb Part 5- Canada

    The final part of this tale ends in the wildest adventure in Canada, no phones, no contact, just surf and bears and the odd cougar, it's what adven...
  • Numb Part 4 - Iceland

  • Numb Part 3 - Norway

  • Lost Track Atlantic Part 3

  • Numb Part 2 - Scotland with Ian Battrick, Chris Noble, Timmy Turner and friends.

    The second part of Numb, and it's into the depths of Scotland. As always if you'd like to support this kind of adventure you can here
  • A Day With Wayne Lynch