Surf Essentials

Welcome to the surf and adventure essentials review page. We started this just over a year ago, then realised that for any of this to mean anything we had to get a group of people to gather to review them long term. So all of these products (except the GoPro 10 and DJI Osmo2) have been reviewed for at least 12 months. 


If we were given anything we say (we’ve only actually been given the GoPro9 and Insta 360 One R), almost everything we or one of the reviewers have purchased. It’s a guide, from decades of experience, we don’t review boards because it’s not possible, boards are subjective to individual users on the whole. We don’t do wetsuits, and we don’t do anything like leashes etc. which require years of testing. These are the semi essentials of our world. 

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